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Sep 22, 2010 4:30am EDT
in a murder for hire scheme that left her husband and stepson dead. bruce bladensburg and sonia sotomayor aidala voted to stop the execution. she would be the first woman executed in virginia in nearly a century. >>> the head of the d.c. school teachers union called michelle rhee's comments on hiring teachers and over-exaggeration. >>> a new study shows performance bonuses for teachers do not boast teacher test scores. students in classrooms where the teachers got bonuses did not do any better than those in situations where there were no special incentives. the study looked at the sixth grade through eighth grade math teachers in national public schools over three years. this comes as the obama administration is encouraging school systems to link teacher pay and tenure to how the students perform on tests. >>> if you have an alarm system, a montgomery county woman tells a disturbing story of what happened after the long company's mistakes prevented police responding. this happened waffles and amazon her honeymoon. -- this happened while the woman was on her honeymoon. >> she was pleading
Sep 21, 2010 7:00pm EDT
for saying things that aren't true. sonia sotomayor, supreme court justice, racist. shirley sherrod, racist. the president thinks like a kenyan. these comments keep getting higher and higher on the crazy score from a man who's not crazy. is it evil? >> i think two things. one, i think he's not -- nobody's going to get to the right of newt on these issues. and so, you know, whoever's out there waving the kind of judeo-christian, white american banner, newt's not going to be outwaved. the second thing is, i think that on an intellectual level, perhaps newt buys into the class of civilization? >> is this how a guy in his third marriage does it? you find some common ground from the far right, you show you hate as much they do, and, therefore, you might be a good, christian gentleman? >> perhaps. i'm also against the position of icelandic law, all other countries. i'm on newt's side. icelandic laws, russian laws, we should not apply them in united states courts. he is underestimated by a lot of people on how seriously he could be a runner for the republican nomination. i think he's going to run
Sep 23, 2010 5:30pm PDT
is in the range of 12 to 14 years. rallying to her cause are novelist john grisham, justices sonia sotomayor and ruth bader ginsburg, who voted to stay her execution. and thousands on the web. for the victim's daughter, all the focus on lewis is just one more crime against her family. >> she could have walked away from my father and never looked back. and i think people need to remember her victims and not her. >> reporter: in an internet video by her supporters, lewis sings for a final miracle. ♪ i need a miracle >> reporter: but with her appeals exhausted, her fight will end here, inside this death chamber. lewis spent her final day with her family and her minister. they've left now, and the victim's families have arrived. and diane, they'll be among the witnesses to her execution. >> jim sciutto in jarratt tonight. >>> and today, a drug implicated in tens of thousands of heart attacks and deaths over eight years, was finally restricted by the fda. and it happened because of one crusading doctor. so, what does this say about the safety of the other drugs on our shelves? lisa stark sought
Sep 15, 2010 1:00am EDT
big cities to come in. a lot of conservatives say her support for sonia sotomayor could be a big reason her conservative challenger is outpacing her. and other race we're watching, charlie rangel. house democrat. five challengers in his race and this crowded field, it could be a factor in the results. charlie rangel facing ethics charges in the house, 48% right now to lead challenger running at 24%. the incumbent under 50%, that crowded field could be a factor. we will keep an eye on that. 15th district. this could be another stunner. primary governor, rick lazio was considered the favorite not that long ago. tea party candidate carl paladino is a republican developer. let's look at these numbers. 67% for the tea party carl paladino. 33%, a poor showing for rick lazio. anderson this has been holding up and that would be another big message here. carl paladino the tea party candidate saying this is an established republican. we will watch that as it plays out. and the d.c. mayoral race, no results. getting late. we're wondering where the votes are. the democratic incumbent, runnin
Sep 15, 2010 2:00am EDT
of conservatives say her support for sonia sotomayor could be a reason her conservative challenger is out pacing her. charlie rangel, 20-team house democrat. he had five challengers. this crowded field could be a factor in the results. let's look at the early numbers. charlie rangel facing ethics charges, his lead challenger adam clayton powell iv 24%. the crowded field could be a factor. we'll keep an eye on that. the 15th district. this could be another stunner. the new york primary for governor. rick laszio was considered the favorite, tea party candidate karl palladino. you might get a gasp. 67% for the tea party's carl palladino, 33% for rick lazio. this is holding up. karl paladino saying this is an establishment republican. we need a break in the party. the d.c. mayoral race. no results in this one. getting late after 11:00, the democratic republican adrian feinty running against vincent gray. gray says the african-american mayor lost touch with the african-american community. school reform a huge issue. can't tell you anything at this moment. i'm being told we are ready to make a call in
Sep 16, 2010 6:00am EDT
as sonia sotomayor swore an oath [applause] and ascended to our nation's highest court and it sparked nutrients for countless young girls all across america. -- and sparked new dreams. i join you here two years ago as a candidate for this office. we spoke than about how after years -- of the failed policies in washington, after decades of putting off the toughest challenges, we had finally reached the the tipping point, a point where the fundamental promise of america was a risk. we talked about how these challenges impacted the latino community, but also about how they are bigger than any one community. i said then that if a young child is stock and overcrowded and underperforming schools, it does not matter if she is black or white or latino, she is our child. [applause] we have a responsibility to her. if millions of latinos and up in the emergency room because they don't have health care, that is not just a problem for one community. that is a problem for all of america. [applause] when millions of emigrants to oil and the shadows of our society, that is not just to let a problem,
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Sep 15, 2010 6:00pm EDT
justice sonia sotomayor and elena kagan. alumni alert says, "we are looking to capture the sentiment of the nation ahead of the mid-term elections." at the end the invitation says, "please write a question you would like to ask or have answered by the president." >> was the white house aware they were being invited to attend the event and their questions were prescreened? >> i honestly mike don't know the answer to any of that but i can have someone check in on that. >> in response to defrom fox, brian seals, president of public relations says we're reaching out to diverse group of americans who are interested in the economy. critics say mr. obama is not well served holding event with washington elite, though the president believes he reaches out to wide range of people across the socioeconomic spectrum. >> this president has good ratings for what the "new york times" columnist david brooks calls the "educated class." the president's problem is to get beyond princeton graduates and other ivy league graduates to the larger body of voters where he is not faring as well lately. >> democ
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Sep 19, 2010 9:00pm EDT
. >> after a night of explosive debate barack meets obama. sandra day o'connor and sonia sotomayor. previously the board changed democratic republic to constitutional republic in reference to the u.s. government. capitalism is now free enterprise but there were more changes to be made. on the third day republican cynthia dunbar kicked off the meeting in prayer. >> i believe the entire bill of rights came into being because of the knowledge our fore fathers had in the bible and their belief in it. >> turns out that was a direct quote from a 1954 prayer given by none other than liberal icon and supreme court justijustice. the political discourse that turn nude a national spec cal. the founding fathers religion and issue of separation of church and state. >> we need to have the students compare and contrast some of this current view on separation of church and state with first amendment. >> this is a lie that there is no such thing as the legal dock trien of separation of church and state. enlightenment from john calvin and thomas jefferson. >> adding thomas jefferson back in is absol
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Sep 22, 2010 3:00pm EDT
court? they also refused to block the execution but two of the three women on the supreme court, sonia sotomayor and ruth ginsburg voted to stop it, but the supreme court did not comment open the case. >>shepard: we are happy to report the iranians have weighed in on this. >>reporter: president ahmadinejad says the americans waged a heavy propaganda campaign to save the live of an iranian woman sentenced to be stoned to death for adultery but ahmadinejad says america never came out, failed for get involved with the outrage involved in this case. and ahmadinejad never mentioned the fact that a double murder case and an adultery case are vastly different. >>shepard: he did not remember that. good to see you, trace. thank you. we have more on the new book that is giving the behind the scenes look at how the president is handling the war in afghanistan. wednesday with juan and he will give us his take. stay tuned. 1965, a lot of good thin came out that year like medicare. this year, like always, we'll have our guaranteed benefits. and with the new healthcare law, more good things are comin
Sep 21, 2010 5:00pm EDT
trouble itself, we got trouble are. he calls good people racist, people like sonia sotomayor, and shirley sherrod. he doesn't beat around the broad, he calls them racist in broad daylight w president obama, he gets more vicious, more weirdly particular. he says the president has the mind of a kenyan. what is this man doing in our public life? why are we living in a public square so dominated by the eye of gnut? diabolically, he speaks on any matter that will cause hatred, anger or fear or all three. he warned this past week that we are in danger this united states of america, our country, being placed under sharia law. he declared his opposition to what he called any effort to impose, that was his word, impose, shari ya on the united states, you know, arms and legs being cut off,
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Sep 22, 2010 7:00pm EDT
the support of justices ruth bader ginsburg and sonia sotomayor, the supreme court has refused to block her execution. trace gallagher with the news. trace, lewis has exhausted all of her options now, right. >> she really has, shep. the virginia governor bob mcdonald says he will not stop this execution at the 11th hour. mcdonnell says he has fully reviewed the case and there is no compelling reason to grant clemency. so now theresa lewis' lawyer has issued a statement quoting here saying a good and decent person is about to lose her life because of a system that is broken. but the judge who sentenced theresa lewis paints a very different picture, calling her the head of the serpent. saying that she was a cold, emotionalless killer who was only motivated by money. that judge, by the way, actually gave her two death sentences and then tacked on 53 years. shep? >> shepard: the supreme court reinstated the death penalty a quarter century ago. since then governments in the united states have only executed 11 women. now the president of iran is drawing parallels somehow between this case and ano
Sep 28, 2010 10:00pm EDT
plan, taxpayer funded stem cell research and the confirmations of both sonia sotomayor and elena kagan to the supreme court is running at 40% in the polls while opposition to rubio is running at 51% but is split between governor crist and democratic congressman kendrick meek. i spoke with governor crist in an interview taped earlier tonight. governor crist, thanks for joining us tonight. >> well, it's great to be with you. let me publicly congratulate you on the new show. i think it's great and it's an honor to be on in your first week. >> thank you, governor. you said running as an independent now has liberated you. you feel it has been a liberated feeling from being a republican. what positions do you hold now that you could not hold when you were a republican candidate? >> well, nothing's really changed in that regard. it's a lot more quick to be able to give the response when you're talking about things of supporting education, supporting teachers, making sure that we protect the environment, these were always issues that have been important to me, but it is so liberating in terms
Sep 13, 2010 8:00pm EDT
the lower manhattan mosque. he was about sonia sotomayor and about shirley sherrod and, you know, in a way that suggests this whole sort of bizarre clash of civilizations idea, the notion that what he would consider as us, the whole kind of anglo-american, judeo-christian white enterprise is being besieged by other organizations. number one among them being islam. you know, and i hope he doesn't but one wonders if that idea actually has some purchase inside the unkempt thing that is the head of newt gingrich. >> given that we were colonies and we rebelled, we were anti-colonialists, when did anti-colonialism become anti-american? i thought we've almost always worked with the colonies who sought to get out from under the thumb of the european colonists. >> yeah, because we didn't like being colonies. we didn't like colonialism. ut somehow, again, inside his head, that narrative has been twisted and one imagines that he fancies himself as a retired british colonel in 1963 sitting around in his armchair puffing his pipe saying who lost kenya, that sort of thing. >> whyo they call -- what's hi
Sep 14, 2010 10:00pm EDT
. a lot of conservatives telling us they believe radio ads criticizing kelly ayotte for supporting sonia sotomayor for the supreme court could be the difference if these numbers hold up. still only 20% of the vote in. we need to stay on top of that. this could be a stunner. people have been saying when will the new york republican party get its act together? rick lazio was supposed to be the candidate who would have a decent chance in the fall running for governor, developer carl paladino, a tea party candidate in this race, look at these numbers. it's still early in new york, but let's look at the numbers. 66% for carl paladino. 34% for rick lazio. mr. paladino saying he's establishment, you don't like it, he also has campaigned on the theme that if he is the next governor of new york, he would seize by eminent domain the site of that proposed cultural center near ground zero. this could be another stunning viory for the tea party tonight. two other races we're watching, one is here in the district of columbia, the mayoral race, adrian fenty versus vincent gray, many african-americans i
Sep 24, 2010 2:35am EDT
years. rallying to her cause are novelist john grisham, justices sonia sotomayor and ruth bader ginsburg, who voted to stay her execution. and thousands on the web. for the victim's daughter, all the focus on lewis is just one more crime against her family. >> she could have walked away from my father and never looked back. and i think people need to remember her victims and not her. >> reporter: in an internet video by her supporters, lewis sings for a final miracle. ♪ >> reporter: with her appeals exhausted, her fight ended here in this death chamber. lewis was given a lethal injection and pronounced dead 13 minutes later. witnesses said she refused to take a sedative and her final words addressed to the daughter of the husband she murdered, saying she loves her very much and she's sorry. jim sciutto, abc news, jaret, virginia. >>> four members of a family are dead after a shooting rampage in seattle. police will not release the identities of the victims until later today. but at this point it appears that a woman in her 50s shot her own daughter, her son-in-law, and their two teenag
Sep 24, 2010 7:00am EDT
. clarence thomas and sanio alito and sonia sotomayor and elena kagan as well. next is michael on the independent line. could morning. caller: -- good morning. caller: i am just 24 years old and how my view is that the baby boom cogeneration did not properly set gaza for what is about to come to us. -- properly set us up for what is about to come to us. we're coming up out of high school and college and no one was even kind enough to let us know that these things were even issues. on this week, we need a denver- based not just in the senate, but in every form of government because things are -- we need a younger base, not just in the senate, but in every form of government because things are coming faster and faster. my parents' generation do not know about things like iphones and things like that. those are things that can be used for education. host: thank you, michael. here is a tweet -- michael kinsley is suggesting the baby boomers can redeem themselves by addressing the national debt burden. here is what he writes. next is a call from georgia. mrs. gerrie on the democrats
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Sep 14, 2010 6:00am EDT
to confirm sonia sotomayor to the supreme court. then we find out that she authorized a $300,000 legal fees payment to planned parenthood. so this whole race has been thrown up into chaos. jim demint comes in on friday and endorses ovite. guess what's happening? four points ovitte is trailing aotte. the tea party folks, most are backing ovitte. that's different from delaware. that's a fascinating race. we'll see how that plays out. >> brian: the thing in delaware is that the word is, according to guys that watch, it turns out that o'donnell is not electable when it comes to the general, they don't feel, as opposed to where castle would have a better chance. >> well, delaware is an odd state, it's more like new hampshire than alabama. so it's a different state. look, i say this to the establishment republicans who are busy trashing christine o'donnell. they created this situation. all right? they created a situation, an atmosphere where people are fed up with the party favorites. that's what's happened. christine o'donnell walks into the situation in delaware where people say, okay, mike cas
Sep 24, 2010 7:00am PDT
grisham to supreme court justices judge sonia sotomayor and ruth bader ginsburg even to president mahmoud ahmadinejad questioned whether she deserved the death penalty. she did not pull the trigger. the men who did got life in prison, and crucially court-appointed doctors found she had an i.q. of just 72 with the moral judgment of a 12-year-old to 14-year-old. >> the practice of the death penalty in the united states is incredibly sporadic. one justice of the supreme court said, it's almost like being hit by lightning. >> reporter: for the victims' families, it is not random at all but just punishment for murder. >> a lot of people are not taking into consideration that it was my father and my brother that paid the ultimate price. >> reporter: her final meal last night, fried chicken, apple pie and a dr. pepper. her final words, directed to cathy, who we spoke with, the daughter of the man she murdered, saying she loves her very much, george, and she's very sorry. >> okay, jim, thanks very much. >>> it was another vintage performance from iran's president at the united nations yesterday.
FOX News
Sep 28, 2010 6:00am EDT
sonia sotomayor over the inexperienced at the time and pal, elena kagan for the supreme court. he said no, no, you got to do sonia so the. so you can do kagan later. obama reluctantly went along with rahm emanuel on that. on other issue, you talk to reporters here, fox people have been all over this, he's been kind of the voice of reason in this white house. that's a big loss. i think he's really worn out by what's happened over the past 18 months and i believe him when he says he wants to actually spend a little more time with his family. i think he looks really tired. >> brian: i just don't think this is good timing. people say it is. i think maybe after the midterms is better timing. i think with the president going out, tax cuts, there is a lot going on right now. this is not a great time for a transition. but who would take it if he moves on this week? >> i think petaras, a long-time friend of obama, worked with him in the senate and a long-time political operatives and knows how washington and politic works. i would be surprised if he didn't get rahm emanuel's job. i think he's
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)